Now i’m a “web developer”.

Mohasin Haque
2 min readMay 25, 2021

Hello and welcome to my blog. This is my first blog ever in which i’m going to share my experiences of web dev learning.

So the story begins like this..
After the completion of my semester exams, i decided to explore the field of web development. So, i started searching for web dev tutorials on youtube and internet.
One day on Linkedin, i found the ad of a web development bootcamp by Sudan’s Technocrats. They were offering a 100% of scholarship for the first 100 applicants. As i was about to start my web dev journey,
i decided to apply on it. After few days i was checking my mails and found a mail which had make my day.It was nothing but the mail from Sudan’s Technocrats in which i was informed that i’ve been selected.And luckily i was got selected among 250+ applicants. I was very curious and eager to start my web dev journey. And from here my real learning of web development started. i attended the first class of the bootcamp and found it more interesting then
any other tutorial. Ms. Smile Mam was our teacher for the bootcamp. She is a full stack developer at Konfhub too. From the bootcamp i learned HTML, CSS, and Javascript and make some cool projects also.

This has only happened by the help of our mentors who are really great. They were supporting us from every aspects. The mentors were so helpful to us. they not only solved our each doubts and problems but also told us various other things which is really very important for working in the field of development.They’ve also teach us Git and Github.

Overall all of them were very helping and good and the bootcamp was awesome. I really learned a lot.

Waiting for more opportunities like this.