Journey of neoG Camp level zero

Mohasin Haque
1 min readSep 5, 2021

Hello and welcome back to my blog! In today’s blog I am going to share my journey of level zero of neoG Camp.

As I have told in my first blog that i started learning web development from Sudan’s Tech bootcamp. So, after the bootcamp I made some projects and start searching for more projects on YouTube. I found Tanay Pratap sir’s video there. I started learning from Tanay sir’s videos. He teaches the concepts in so easy way. Then I came to know about level one of neoG Camp. So, I started preparing for level one admission and completed all the marks. In level zero he start teaching from basics and learned a lot. In the level zero I learned HTML, CSS, JavaScript and React and made some good projects also.

I will recommend every beginner of web dev to learn from here. These are some good videos which are friendly for a beginner to begin with. You are going to learn a lot of things there. As I have learned a lot from neoG Camp level zero.

It was all fun to learn from Tanay Pratap sir. I hope to learn more from him in level one.